Artificial Intelligence is one of the greatest technological developments of our times with unimaginable potential. However, there are growing concerns about the ethics and capabilities with regards to safety and privacy of the public. It made me think, could AI really be Frankenstein’s Monster?

Modern Frankenstein’s Monster

According to PwC, Artificial Intelligence could…

The rising use of social media has reduced the number of people that use email as the primary source for personal communication. This makes many people believe that email is a dying form of communication. However, data suggests that this is far from the truth.

Email marketing is still one of the best and most cost effective ways to reach customers. Many small and midsize businesses rely primarily on email marketing to acquire new customers thanks to their low cost and wide reach.

I have put together a infographic that highlights some of the benefits of email marketing to help you better understand its wonders.

Aum Mohak Raghuvanshi

Pursuing MS in Integrated Marketing from New York University

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